Our Story

Napoli, Italia


La Habana, Cuba


Temecula, California


In the 80's , the Sposito family opened their first restaurant in Naples, Italy. "Taverna Summa Villa" was ran and operated by Mr. & Mrs. Sposito and their two sons. Claudio, the youngest, soon developed a strong passion for the culinary arts. He proceeded to attend culinary school and later on work traveling to the Bahamas, Cuba and the US. It was in La Havana, Cuba, where he met his wife Yohanka. In 2004, the two moved to Italy, where they started a family and started their own Latin-Italian restaurant,

 "El Bocadito".

Later, in 2011, Claudio, Yohanka and their two daughters moved to California, where they opened their unique restaurant "Sposito's Cuban & Italian Cuisine", where they mixCuban and Italian cultures and recipes from both worlds.